Patrick Walker's music stands alone and stands firm at this point, a kind of epic, transportive dirge-rock, methodical, entirely resistant to anything less than a complete kind of engagement. I feel a deep and almost dangerous sense of surrender when I really let this music in, so strong is its emotional pull, so raw and true is the feeling at its center, so ancient-seeming and wisdom-filled is Walker's gift for writing and singing melody.”

— Hank Shteamer (Rolling Stone)

It is a difficult task not to break into inappropriate sentimentality when discussing Walker's work, since, as many of his listeners no doubt know, his is a rare breed – perhaps a class all of his own – of a musician so moving, so human, so tender, and so resolute that it becomes impossible to speak of Walker's music without conjuring some deeply personal image of a time in one's life when that music served as comfort, perhaps even support.”

— Ron Ben-Tovim (Machine Music)

One of the greatest and most emotionally shattering [bands] on the planet.”

— SPIN magazine

One of modern heavy music’s most captivating and covertly influential singers.”

— Knotfest